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Evergreen Speedway

Evergreen Speedway

K&N Pro Series West & Whelen All American Series History (1964-pr)

March 3, 2015 - 11:38am

K&N Pro Series West

Qualifying Record
Greg Pursley, Ford, 22.831 seconds, 101.862 mph, July 10, 2011


Track Records:      
Most Poles: 4 - Ron Eaton, Bill Elliott, Cliff Gamer Most Top 10s: 14 - Roy Smith
Most Wins: 5 - Jack McCoy, Ray Elder Most Laps Led: 1,183 - Chad Little
Most Top Fives 9 - Roy Smith Track Race Record: 150-laps - Ray Elder, Dodge, 1 hour 10 minutes 15 seconds, 80.071 mph, July 6, 1975


Ron Eaton 4 Bill Schmidt 2 Brandon McReynolds 1
Bill Elliott 4 Roy Smith 2 Mark Krogh 1
Cliff Garner 4 Kelly Tanner 2 Jack Kuper 1
Jim Bown 2 Bill Amick 1 Chad Little 1
Mike Duncan 2 Chuck Bown 1 Sterling Marlin 1
Ray Elder 2 Dick Bown 1 Neil Newberry 1
Eric Holmes 2 Austin Cameron 1 Kevin Richards 1
Jim Insolo 2 David Gilliland 1 Gary Smith 1
Jack McCoy 2 Cameron Hayley 1 Dirk Stephens 1
Hershel McGriff 2 Jeff Jefferson 1 Sean Woodside 1
Greg Pursley 2 Marty Kinerk 1    


Jack McCoy 5 Bill Sedgwick 2 Bill Elliott 1
Ray Elder 5 Jeff Barkshire 1 Eric Holmes 1
Ron Eaton 3 Geoff Bodine 1 Brian Ickler 1
Chad Little 3 John Borneman 1 Dylan Lupton 1
Bill Amrick 2 Johnny Borneman 1 David Mayhew 1
Dick Bown 2 Chuck Bown 1 Eric Norris 1
Brendan Gaughan 2 Scott Cain 1 Greg Pursley 1
Butch Gilliand 2 Austin Cameron 1 Mark Reed 1
Harry Jefferson 2 Rick Carelli 1 Kevin Richards 1
Neil Newberry 2 Mike Chase 1 Roy Smith 1
Jim Robinson 2 Derrike Cope 1 Sean Woodside 1


Manufacturer Wins  
Ford 14
Dodge 12
Chevrolet 11
Pontiac 5
Buick 3
Mercury 3
Plymouth 3
Oldsmobile 2
Toyota 1


Race History          
Date First Second Third Fourth Fifth
4/19/1964 Dick Bown        
7/12/1964 Bill Amick        
4/25/1965 Bill Amick Kuzie Kuzmanich Dick Bown Marvin Porter Carl Joiner
7/30/1967 Jack McCoy Ray Elder Cliff Gamer Clyde Prickett Hershel McGriff
7/4/1968 Jack McCoy Cliff Gamer Harold Hardesty Frank James Ed Bown
9/2/1968 Jack McCoy Cliff Gamer Harold Hardesty Frank James Ed Bown
7/4/1969 Scott Cain Jim Cook Marty Kinerk Ray Elder Don Noel
9/1/1969 Jack McCoy Cliff Gamer Ray Elder Johnny Steele Marty Kinerk
7/4/1970 Dick Bown Ray Elder Don Noel Jack McCoy Frank James
9/6/1971 Ray Elder Carl Joiner John Soares Jr John Anderson Bob England
5/28/1972 Ray Elder Carl Adams Dick Bown Sonny Easley Frank James
9/3/1972 Ray Elder Jack McCoy Harry Jefferson Chuck Bown Ron Gautsche
9/2/1973 Jack McCoy Sonny Easley Norm Ellefson Mike James Jack Jeffrey
9/1/1974 Harry Jefferson Jack McCoy Carl Joiner Ray Elder JC Danielson
7/6/1975 Ray Elder Chuck Wahl Chuck Bown John Kieper Ivan Baldwin
8/31/1975 Ray Elder Hershel McGriff Harry Jefferson Ron Gautsche Jack Kuper
6/27/1976 Chuck Bown Neil Newberry Gary Johnson Ron Eaton Ross Kusah
9/6/1976 Neil Newberry Chuck Bown Jack Kuper Harry Jefferson Don Pukarich
6/26/1977 Harry Jefferson Hershel McGriff Leon Fox Don Waterman Bill Schmitt
7/3/1978 John Borneman George Stuart Jim Insolo Bill Schmitt Roy Smith
6/24/1979 Neil Newberry Jack Kuper John Kieper Roy Smith Jim Bown
8/26/1979 Ron Eaton Jack Kuper Richard White Tim Williamson Neil Newberry
6/29/1980 Ron Eaton Don Dowdy John Kieper Roy Smith Jim Bown
7/12/1981 Roy Smith Bill Schmitt Jim Robinson Summer McKnight Hershel McGriff
8/1/1982 Ron Eaton Jim Bown Roy Smith Hershel McGriff Don Waterman
7/31/1983 Jim Robinson Roy Smith Bill Schmitt Ron Eaton Derrike Cope
7/29/1984 Jim Robinson Derrike Cope Bill Hitchcox Ron Esau Summer McKnight
7/18/1985 Derrike Cope Hershel McGriff Ruben Garcia Ron Waterman Bill Schmitt
7/13/1986 Chad Little Bill Elliott Hershel McGriff Ron Eaton Garrett Evans
7/12/1987 Bill Elliott Roy Smith Chad Little Derrike Cope Jim Robinson
7/17/1988 Chad Little Trevor Boys Roy Smith Bill Schmitt Summer McKnight
7/17/1989 Chad Little Roy Smith Hershel McGriff Derrike Cope Brad Tidrick
7/15/1990 Bill Sedgwick Bill Elliott Bill Schmitt Mike Chase Terry Fisher
5/4/1991 Mike Chase Bill Sedgwick Butch Gilliand John Krebs Terry Fisher
7/14/1991 Geoff Bodine Jim Bown Bill Sedgwick John Pagues Billy Jac Shaw
7/12/1992 Bill Sedgwick Sterlin Marlin Chad Little Rick Carelli John Krebs
6/27/1993 Rick Carelli Chad Little Lance Wade Bill Sedgwick Hershel McGriff
6/29/1996 Butch Gilliand Gary Smith Larry Gunselman Lance Hooper Jeff Krogh
7/5/1997 Sean Woodside Gary Smith Dan Obrist Scott Gaylord Butch Gilliand
8/15/1998 Butch Gilliand Gary Smith Kevin Harvick Lance Wade Kevin Richards
7/18/1999 Kevin Richards Sean Woodside Brandon Ash Bill Sedgwick Joe Bean
7/16/2000 Brendan Gaughan S. Potashnick Dan Obrist John Metcalf Jeff Jefferson
6/30/2001 Brendan Gaughan Mark Reed Austin Cameron Brandon Ash Bill Sedgwick
6/29/2002 Eric Norris Johnny Borneman Mike Duncan Ed Watson Mike David
6/28/2003 Mark Reed Mike Duncan Scott Gaylord Jeff Jefferson Jason Jefferson
7/17/2004 Austin Cameron Jeff Jefferson Mike Duncan Kerry Earnhardt Scott Gaylord
7/30/2005 Mike Duncan David Gilliand Scott Lynch Tim Woods III Andrew Lewis
7/29/2006 Johnny Borneman Mike Duncan Steve Portenga Jeff Jefferson Peyton Sellers
8/4/2007 Brian Ickler Mike Duncan Mike David Travis Bennett Justin Lofton
7/26/2008 Jeff Barkshire Eric Holmes Jason Bowles Jeff Jefferson Jim Inglebright
7/10/2011 Greg Pursley Dylan Kwasniewski Moses Smith Eric Holmes Daryl Harr
7/14/2012 Eric Holmes Michael Self Derek Thorn Jonathon Gomez David Mayhew
8/17/2013 Dylan Lupton Greg Pursley Derek Thorn Braeden Havens Carl Harr
8/16/2014 David Mayhew Brandon McReynolds Dylan Lupton James Bickford Giles Thornton


Track Facts
  • Is a semi-banked .646-mile paved oval with turns banked eight degrees and four degrees banking into the straights.
  • Is the only NASCAR sanctioned track in the state of Washington.

Track Facts

NASCAR Whelen All-American Series
NASCAR K&N Pro Series West


Late Model
Unlimited Street Stock
Mini Stock
Super Figure 8

SHAPE: Semi-banked oval
SURFACE: Asphalt
LENGTH: .375 Miles & .646 Miles

14405 179th Avenue Southeast Build 300
Monroe, WA, 98272
(360) 805-6100

P.O. Box 220
Monroe, WA, 98272

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Clear sky
  • Clear sky
  • Temperature: Array
  • Wind: Calm
  • Sunrise: 15:34 GMT
  • Sunset: 0:20 GMT