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Stafford Motor Speedway

Stafford Motor Speedway

Whelen Modified Tour History (1985-pr.)

July 31, 2015 - 9:00am
Quick Facts  
Races: 115
Pole Winners: 42
Youngest Pole Winner: Ryan Preece (4/27/08 – 17 years, 6 months, 3 days)
Oldest Pole Winner: Tony Hirschman (8/11/07 – 51 years, 3 months, 9 days)
Race Winners: 32
Youngest Race Winner: Ryan Preece (8/7/09 – 18 years, 9 months, 14 days)
Oldest Race Winner: Ted Christopher (10/2/11 – 53 years, 3 months, 28 days)
Races Won from the Pole (or 1st Starting Position): 17
Last Race Won from the Pole (or 1st Starting Position): Donny Lia (9/29/13)
Races Led Wire-to-Wire: 7
Last Race Led Wire-to-Wire: Ron Silk (5/27/11)
Race Record: Doug Coby, 92.260 mph (4/29/12)
Qualifying Record: Ryan Preece, 17.924 seconds, 100.424 mph (4/29/12)


Race Records    
Category Most/Largest (Last Time) Fewest/Smallest (Last Time)
Cars Started: 39 (9/24/00) 22 (9/28/14)
Laps Contested: 305 (9/29/96) 50 (7/16/85)
Lead Changes:* 12 (9/24/00) 0 – Seven Times (5/27/11)
Leaders: 9 (5/1/10) 1 – Seven Times (5/27/11)
Cautions:* 20 (9/24/00) 1 (9/2/85)
Caution Laps:* 102 (9/24/00) 9 (8/8/14)
Lead Lap Finishers: 25 (5/28/99) 4 (4/18/93)
Running at Finish: 30 (5/28/10) 11 (9/1/86)
Laps Led (Winner): 197 – Bobby Santos (4/28/13) 1 – Four Times (T.Christopher, 10/2/11)
Laps Led (Non-Winner): 179 – Reggie Ruggiero (9/26/99) ---
Margin of Victory:*^ 7.000 – Mike Ewanitsko (4/24/94) 0.130 – Donny Lia (4/29/07)


Pole Winners   Race Winners   Manufacturer Wins  
Driver Poles Driver Wins Make Wins
Mike Stefanik 17 Mike Stefanik 20 Chevrolet 80
Bobby Santos 9 Ted Christopher 12 Pontiac 19
Donny Lia 8 Reggie Ruggiero 8 Dodge 11
Reggie Ruggiero 7 Doug Coby 6 Ford 6
Tony Hirschman 5 Tony Hirschman 6    
Ted Christopher 4 Bobby Santos 6    
Jan Leaty 4 Jeff Fuller 5    
Steve Park 4 Rick Fuller 5    
Ryan Preece 4 Donny Lia 4    
Rob Summers 4 Jerry Marquis 4    
Doug Coby 3 Ryan Preece 4    
Mike Ewanitsko 3 Todd Szegedy 4    
Rick Fuller 3 John Blewett III 3    
Chuck Hossfeld 3 Mike Ewanitsko 3    
Eric Beers 2 Ed Flemke Jr. 3    
Justin Bonsignore 2 Tom Baldwin 2    
Tim Connolly 2 Jimmy Blewett 2    
Ed Flemke Jr. 2 Tim Connolly 2    
Jeff Fuller 2 Richie Evans 2    
Nevin George 2 Woody Pitkat 2    
Mike McLaughlin 2 Brian Ross 2    
Ron Silk 2 Wayne Anderson 1    
Jimmy Spencer 2 George Brunnhoelzl Jr. 1    
Todd Szegedy 2 James Civali 1    
Tommy Barrett Jr. 1 Chuck Hossfeld 1    
Dave Berghman 1 Charlie Jarzombek 1    
Eric Berndt 1 George Kent 1    
Jimmy Blewett 1 Jan Leaty 1    
John Blewett III 1 Mike McLaughlin 1    
Ken Bouchard 1 Steve Park 1    
Richie Evans 1 Ron Silk 1    
Matt Hirschman 1 Jamie Tomaino 1    
Charlie Jarzombek 1        
Ed Kennedy 1        
George Kent 1        
Chris Kopec 1        
Jerry Marquis 1        
Carl Pasteryak 1        
Charlie Pasteryak 1        
Brian Ross 1        
Jamie Tomaino 1        
Ken Woolley Jr. 1        


Race History          
Date First Second Third Fourth Fifth
4/14/1985 Richie Evans Brian Ross Reggie Ruggiero Jimmy Spencer Mike Stefanik
7/16/1985 Richie Evans Reggie Ruggiero Charlie Jarzombek Geo. Brunnhoelzl Jr. Ken Bouchard
9/2/1985 Brian Ross Richie Evans Bugs Stevens George Kent Ken Bouchard
9/29/1985 Charlie Jarzombek Geo. Brunnhoelzl Jr. Brian Ross George Kent Mike McLaughlin
4/13/1986 Brian Ross Corky Cookman Jamie Tomaino Mike Stefanik Jimmy Spencer
9/1/1986 Geo. Brunnhoelzl Jr. Brian Ross Rick Fuller John Rosati Ken Bouchard
10/5/1986 Jamie Tomaino Jimmy Spencer Brian Ross Mike McLaughlin Mike Stefanik
4/12/1987 Reggie Ruggiero Geo. Brunnhoelzl Jr. Jamie Tomaino Jimmy Spencer George Kent
5/22/1987 Reggie Ruggiero Jeff Fuller Rick Fuller Brian Ross Corky Cookman
8/14/1987 Mike McLaughlin Jimmy Spencer Brian Ross Geo. Brunnhoelzl Jr. Mike Stefanik
9/7/1987 George Kent Mike McLaughlin Mike Stefanik Brian Ross Reggie Ruggiero
11/8/1987 Reggie Ruggiero Jeff Fuller Brian Ross Bugs Stevens Geo. Brunnhoelzl Jr.
5/7/1989 Mike Stefanik Mike McLaughlin Richie Gallup Tom Bolles Doug Heveron
7/21/1989 Mike Stefanik Mike McLaughlin Tom Bolles Brian Ross Tony Hirschman
10/1/1989 Reggie Ruggiero Tony Hirschman Jeff Fuller Mike Stefanik Brian Ross
4/22/1990 Mike Stefanik Mike McLaughlin George Kent Rick Fuller Reggie Ruggiero
5/25/1990 Jeff Fuller Rick Fuller Tom Bolles Mike Stefanik Tony Hirschman
6/22/1990 Mike Stefanik Rick Fuller Mike Ewanitsko Tony Hirschman Doug Heveron
9/30/1990 Mike Stefanik Jeff Fuller Satch Worley Jamie Tomaino Tom Bolles
5/24/1991 Jeff Fuller Wayne Anderson Geo. Brunnhoelzl Jr. Steve Park Doug Heveron
7/19/1991 Jeff Fuller Steve Park Reggie Ruggiero Tom Baldwin Charlie Pasteryak
9/29/1991 Tom Baldwin Jamie Tomaino Reggie Ruggiero Doug Heveron Charlie Pasteryak
4/12/1992 Rick Fuller Mike Stefanik Jeff Fuller Doug Heveron Mike McLaughlin
5/22/1992 Reggie Ruggiero Jeff Fuller Jamie Tomaino Wayne Anderson Ed Flemke Jr.
7/17/1992 Reggie Ruggiero Doug Heveron Jeff Fuller John Preston Jamie Tomaino
10/4/1992 Mike Stefanik Jeff Fuller Doug Heveron Mike McLaughlin Chris Aman
4/18/1993 Reggie Ruggiero Doug Heveron Tom Baldwin Satch Worley Tim Connolly
5/28/1993 Reggie Ruggiero Tom Baldwin Jeff Fuller Ed Flemke Jr. Rick Fuller
8/27/1993 Jeff Fuller Reggie Ruggiero Mike Stefanik Wayne Anderson Steve Park
10/3/1993 Mike Stefanik Satch Worley Rick Fuller Jeff Fuller Geo. Brunnhoelzl Jr.
4/24/1994 Mike Ewanitsko Jan Leaty Reggie Ruggiero Tom Baldwin Wayne Anderson
5/27/1994 Rick Fuller Jeff Fuller Wayne Anderson Jan Leaty Reggie Ruggiero
8/26/1994 Jeff Fuller Reggie Ruggiero Carl Pasteryak Jan Leaty Tom Baldwin
10/2/1994 Wayne Anderson Jeff Fuller Rick Fuller Ed Flemke Jr. Charlie Pasteryak
4/23/1995 Mike Ewanitsko Rick Fuller Mike Stefanik Dan Avery Satch Worley
5/26/1995 Mike Stefanik Charlie Pasteryak Satch Worley Mike Ewanitsko Rick Fuller
8/25/1995 Steve Park Rick Fuller Mike Stefanik Satch Worley Reggie Ruggiero
10/1/1995 Mike Stefanik Steve Park Jaime Tomaino Ed Flemke Jr. Tom Baldwin
4/21/1996 Jan Leaty Rick Fuller Tony Hirschman Tom Bolles Ed Kennedy
5/25/1996 Ed Flemke Jr. Reggie Ruggiero Tony Hirschman Jan Leaty Jerry Marquis
8/30/1996 Mike Stefanik Charlie Pasteryak Ed Flemke Jr. Bob Gegetskas Brad Hietala
9/29/1996 Tom Baldwin Tim Connolly Reggie Ruggiero Steve Park Mike Ewanitsko
4/27/1997 Mike Stefanik Reggie Ruggiero Mike Ewanitsko Dan Avery Tom Baldwin
5/23/1997 Mike Stefanik Tony Hirschman Reggie Ruggiero Rick Fuller Charlie Pasteryak
8/29/1997 Mike Stefanik Mike Ewanitsko Tim Connolly Jerry Marquis Dan Avery
9/28/1997 Tim Connolly Jerry Marquis Rick Fuller Tony Hirschman Ed Flemke Jr.
5/3/1998 Mike Stefanik Tim Connolly Tony Ferrante Jr. Jan Leaty Charlie Pasteryak
5/22/1998 Mike Stefanik Chris Kopec John Blewett III Carl Pasteryak Ed Kennedy
8/14/1998 Rick Fuller Mike Ewanitsko Mike Stefanik Charlie Pasteryak Dan Avery
9/27/1998 Mike Stefanik Tom Baldwin Mike Ewanitsko Ed Flemke Jr. Carl Pasteryak
4/15/1999 Rick Fuller Chris Kopec Tom Baldwin Tony Hirschman Carl Pasteryak
5/28/1999 Tim Connolly Carl Pasteryak Mike Ewanitsko Rick Fuller Charlie Pasteryak
8/27/1999 Ed Flemke Jr. Rick Fuller Charlie Pasteryak Tommy Cravenho Chris Kopec
9/26/1999 Tony Hirschman Reggie Ruggiero Tim Connolly Tommy Cravenho Jan Leaty
4/30/2000 Rick Fuller Reggie Ruggiero Ed Flemke Jr. Jamie Tomaino Tim Connolly
5/26/2000 Ed Flemke Jr. Tim Connolly Tony Hirschman L.W. Miller Chris Kopec
8/25/2000 John Blewett III Rick Fuller Tommy Cravenho Reggie Ruggiero Rob Summers
9/24/2000 Jerry Marquis John Blewett III Ted Christopher Rick Fuller Reggie Ruggiero
4/29/2001 John Blewett III Reggie Ruggiero Ted Christopher Jerry Marquis Tony Hirschman
5/25/2001 Mike Ewanitsko Jerry Marquis Mike Stefanik Tommy Cravenho Charlie Pasteryak
8/24/2001 Mike Stefanik Mike Ewanitsko Jerry Marquis Charlie Pasteryak Dave Berghman
9/30/2001 Ted Christopher Rick Fuller Jerry Marquis Ed Flemke Jr. Mike Ewanitsko
5/5/2002 Ted Christopher Rick Fuller Tony Hirschman Dave Berghman Tommy Cravenho
7/3/2002 Ted Christopher Ed Flemke Jr. Rick Fuller Jerry Marquis Chris Kopec
8/23/2002 Ted Christopher Ed Flemke Jr. Jerry Marquis Chuck Hossfeld Todd Szegedy
9/29/2002 Mike Stefanik Dave Berghman Chuck Hossfeld Jerry Marquis Ted Christopher
4/27/2003 Ted Christopher Todd Szegedy Tony Hirschman Chuck Hossfeld Ken Wooley Jr.
5/30/2003 Jerry Marquis Todd Szegedy Ed Flemke Jr. Ted Christopher Donny Lia
8/19/2003 Todd Szegedy Nevin George Rick Fuller John Blewett III Chuck Hossfeld
10/5/2003 Jerry Marquis Tony Hirschman Chuck Hossfeld Chris Kopec Nevin George
4/25/2004 Jerry Marquis Tony Hirschman Ed Flemke Jr. Todd Szegedy Tom Bolles
5/28/2004 Tony Hirschman Reggie Ruggiero Tommy Cravenho Tommy Cloce Jamie Tomaino
8/25/2004 Todd Szegedy Tony Hirschman Eric Beers Mike Stefanik Jamie Tomaino
9/26/2004 Tony Hirschman Ed Flemke Jr. Mike Stefanik Jerry Marquis Chuck Hossfeld
4/24/2005 Tony Hirschman Zach Sylvester Todd Szegedy Reggie Ruggiero Ted Christopher
7/3/2005 Ted Christopher Chuck Hossfeld Doug Coby Jamie Tomaino Rick Fuller
8/12/2005 Tony Hirschman Ted Christopher Jerry Marquis Mike Stefanik Chuck Hossfeld
10/2/2005 Tony Hirschman Donny Lia Chuck Hossfeld Jerry Marquis Ted Christopher
4/23/2006 Doug Coby Donny Lia Eric Beers Mike Stefanik Rob Summers
7/4/2006 John Blewett III Jimmy Blewett Donny Lia Zach Sylvester Mike Stefanik
8/8/2006 James Civali Ken Barry Chris Pasteryak Matt Hirschman Mike Stefanik
10/28/2006 Todd Szegedy Ken Barry Zach Sylvester Tony Hirschman John Blewett III
4/29/2007 Donny Lia Todd Szegedy Jerry Marquis Mike Stefanik Zach Sylvester
5/25/2007 Donny Lia James Civali Ed Flemke Jr. Zach Sylvester Todd Szegedy
8/11/2007 Ted Christopher Todd Szegedy Mike Stefanik Doug Coby Donny Lia
9/29/2007 Mike Stefanik Tony Hirschman Ted Christopher Matt Hirschman Ron Silk
4/27/2008 Ted Christopher Eric Beers Chuck Hossfeld Mike Stefanik James Civali
5/23/2008 Chuck Hossfeld Todd Szegedy Ted Christopher Mike Stefanik Eric Beers
8/8/2008 Jimmy Blewett Ed Flemke Jr. Doug Coby Matt Hirschman Eric Beers
10/12/2008 Mike Stefanik Matt Hirschman Chuck Hossfeld Todd Szegedy Eric Beers
4/26/2009 Ted Christopher Todd Szegedy Ryan Preece Mike Stefanik Chris Pasteryak
5/22/2009 Jimmy Blewett Ted Christopher Todd Szegedy Mike Stefanik Reggie Ruggiero
8/7/2009 Ryan Preece Ted Christopher Chris Pasteryak Eric Beers Rowan Pennink
10/4/2009 Donny Lia Doug Coby Ryan Preece James Civali Chris Pasteryak
5/1/2010 Ted Christopher Bobby Santos Mike Stefanik Rowan Pennink Todd Szegedy
5/28/2010 Bobby Santos Jimmy Blewett Todd Szegedy Ryan Preece Rob Summers
8/6/2010 Todd Szegedy Mike Stefanik Ron Silk Erick Rudolph Ted Christopher
10/3/2010 Bobby Santos Ron Silk Erick Rudolph Rowan Pennink Mike Stefanik
5/1/2011 Bobby Santos Rowan Pennink Ron Silk Eric Beers Mike Stefanik
5/27/2011 Ron Silk Rowan Pennink Bobby Santos Ted Christopher Erick Rudolph
8/5/2011 Ted Christopher Mike Stefanik Bobby Santos Eric Beers Eric Goodale
10/2/2011 Ted Christopher Ryan Preece Donny Lia Eric Beers Erick Rudolph
4/29/2012 Doug Coby Ryan Preece Keith Rocco Ron Silk Jimmy Blewett
5/25/2012 Doug Coby Bobby Santos Ron Silk Todd Szegedy Rowan Pennink
8/3/2012 Doug Coby Jimmy Blewett Todd Szegedy Eric Beers Ted Christopher
9/30/2012 Bobby Santos Woody Pitkat Jimmy Blewett Ron Silk Ryan Preece
4/28/2013 Bobby Santos Justin Bonsignore Ted Christopher Ryan Preece Rowan Pennink
6/14/2013 Ryan Preece Ron Silk Rowan Pennink Donny Lia Bobby Santos
8/2/2013 Doug Coby Donny Lia Ted Christopher Bobby Santos Ron Silk
9/29/2013 Donny Lia Doug Coby Rowan Pennink Todd Szegedy Justin Bonsignore
4/27/2014 Bobby Santos Doug Coby Rowan Pennink Woody Pitkat Justin Bonsignore
6/6/2014 Doug Coby Justin Bonsignore Bobby Santos Rowan Pennink Woody Pitkat
8/8/2014 Woody Pitkat Ron Silk Donny Lia Doug Coby Eric Goodale
9/28/2014 Ryan Preece Ted Christopher Ron Silk Tommy Barrett Jr. Patrick Emerling
4/26/2015 Woody Pitkat Todd Szegedy Ryan Preece Eric Goodale Donny Lia
6/5/2015 Ryan Preece Woody Pitkat Timmy Solomito Todd Szegedy Bobby Santos


Category Leaders  
1. Mike Stefanik 20
2. Ted Christopher 12
3. Reggie Ruggiero 8
4. Doug Coby 6
Tony Hirschman 6
Bobby Santos 6
1. Mike Stefanik 17
2. Bobby Santos 9
Donny Lia 8
4. Reggie Ruggiero 7
5. Tony Hirschman 5
Top Fives  
1. Mike Stefanik 50
2. Reggie Ruggiero 31
3. Ted Christopher 29
Rick Fuller 28
5. Tony Hirschman 24
Top 10s  
1. Mike Stefanik 74
2. Jamie Tomaino 54
3. Ted Christopher 51
4. Reggie Ruggiero 42
5. Tony Hirschman 41
Laps Led*  
1. Mike Stefanik 2,165
2. Ted Christopher 2,083
3. Reggie Ruggiero 1,557
4. Rick Fuller 1,017
5. Todd Szegedy 844
Laps Completed*  
1. Jamie Tomaino 16,460
2. Ed Flemke Jr. 14,347
3. Mike Stefanik 13,828
4. Rick Fuller 12,076
5. Ted Christopher 12,672
1. Jamie Tomaino 115
2. Mike Stefanik 96
3. Ed Flemke Jr. 92
4. Ted Christopher 90
5. Rick Fuller 85
Reggie Ruggiero 85

*According to records available; ^Since 1994 (advent of digital timing and scoring), does not include races completed under caution

Track Facts

NASCAR Whelen All-American Series
NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour


SK Modified
Late Model
SK Light Modified
Limited Late Model
Dare Stock

SHAPE: Semi-banked oval
SURFACE: asphalt
LENGTH: Half Mile

55 West Street
Stafford Springs, CT, 06076
(860) 684-2783

P.O. Box 105
Stafford Springs, CT, 06076

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  • Overcast
  • Temperature: Array
  • Wind: NNW, 4.6 mph
  • Sunrise: 11:53 GMT
  • Sunset: 21:20 GMT