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HAGERSVILLE ON - September 29 2018: The Pinty's Fall Brawl of the NASCAR Pinty's Series at Jukasa Motor Speedway in Hagersville, Ontario. (Photo: Matthew Manor/NASCAR)
L.P. Dumoulin (center) celebrates his second NASCAR Pinty's Series championship with sponsors Joe Magri (left) and Tony Page. (Matthew Manor/NASCAR)

Three-Year Plan Ends In Championship For L.P. Dumoulin & His Team

When NASCAR Pinty’s Series veteran L.P. Dumoulin and his brother J.F. decided to move all of their racing operations in-house a few years ago, they knew they had to have everyone on board if it was going to be a success.

From the Board of Directors, partners, crew members and collaborators – the entire group remained focused on one goal from day one – winning a championship.

Thankfully for L.P., everyone came together to support their vision, and now they get to celebrate together as the 2018 NASCAR Pinty’s Series champions.

While his name is the one on the trophy, L.P. Dumoulin is quick to point out if it wasn’t for his family and team, he wouldn’t be celebrating his second crown.

“We lose as a team and we win as a team and thankfully we get to enjoy this championship together as a family,” Dumoulin said. “We had a plan a couple of years ago and we had a plan at the start of this season.”

“We all stayed focus to our plan and thanks to a lot of help from my brother J.F., our dedicated team and wonderful sponsors we are champions again this year.”

Dumoulin, who also captured the championship in 2014, finished the season with a career-best three wins and held off Alex Tagliani to win this year’s title by just seven points.

He finished 10th at Jukasa Motor Speedway after having to start the race at the rear of the field, however, he and his team stayed focus and did what they had to do to claim his second championship by just single digits.


Culmination of a Bigger Plan

L.P. and his brother J.F. are two of the most well-known racers in Canada, and both have built impressive resumes. From J.F. winning races in the Rolex 24 in Daytona, to L.P.’s seven Pinty’s wins and two titles, the Dumoulin Brothers are no stranger to success.

When they decided over two years to bring racing operations all in-house, the decision didn’t come without plenty of discussion.

“We decided to look at bringing all race operations into our shop and that meant a huge commitment by our team and we were fortunate that everyone bought in and went to work,” said L.P. Dumoulin. “J.F. is a very accomplished racer on the track and he also does so much off the track for our team and his hard work helped us get here today.”

While the brothers had the support of their crew, another big piece of the puzzle was making sure their partners were also understanding about their decision.

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“First of all I can’t thank our partners at Weathertech Canada, Groupe Bellemare and everyone enough for their support,” said L.P. Dumoulin. “I told them what we wanted to do and that it would take some time, they immediately said they understood and supported us 100 percent.”

“This is another reason why I always say we are a racing family and we have had success collectively as a team and family with our partners. I’m so excited with what the future holds for our team as we have a long-term commitment with everyone associated with Dumoulin Competition.”

Dumoulin understands it takes more that just a fast race car to be successful.

“I can’t thank NASCAR and especially our series partner Pinty’s enough for all they do for our sport here in Canada,” added L.P. Dumoulin. “We wouldn’t have a great series to showcase the best drivers in Canada without their support and I appreciate everything Pinty’s does to support our series.”

A Family Affair

L.P. Dumoulin has already accomplished more than most racers do in an entire career and he feels one of the biggest reasons is he and his family remember where it all started and all of the work it has taken to get where they are today.

“We came from a small house in Saint-Maurice, Quebec, and my family worked tirelessly to get where we are today,” said Dumoulin. “J.F., my family and I overcame a lot and so did many on our crew to be where we are today. That mentality helped up this season to overcome challenges throughout the year.”

While Dumoulin added that any win is special, this year’s championship will be even more memorable than his first for obvious reasons.

“Having my son Louis with me this time is really special,” said Dumoulin. “My wife Sheila was with me when I won my first title but to have our son with us this time is really special. We’re also expecting another son very soon and having my family celebrate with me is very special.”

L.P. Dumoulin is obviously happy and while many observers see him and his team as one of the elite organizations in Canada, he feels they are still getting better.

“We’ve always felt like the underdogs and that has helped us stay focused and winning,” he added. “I think as long as we keep that mentality, we have a chance to be successful for many years to come.”

Points Standings Season Review

L.P. Dumoulin started the 2018 campaign with a win at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park after Kevin Lacroix and Andrew Ranger got together on the final lap opening the door for Dumoulin to go ahead and score the win.

PINTY’S SERIES: 2018 Final Driver Point Standings | Final Owner Standings | All Race Results

The Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, resident finished seventh at Jukasa Motor Speedway in June and dropped to second place in the standings. Two weeks later, at Autodrome Chaudiere, Dumoulin finished second to reclaim the points lead.

He scored a top-five finish in Toronto to remain on top, but quickly fell to third place in the standings after he finished 16th at Wyant Group Raceway, which marked his only finish outside the top 10 all season long.

Dumoulin rebounded in the second race of the doubleheader finishing second and after he won four days later at Edmonton International Raceway he jumped back into the points lead where he remained the rest of the season.


Driver: L.P. Dumoulin

Car Owner: Marc-André Bergeron

Crew Chief: Robin McCluskey

Team Members: Benoit Laganière, Louis-Philippe Dumoulin, Jean-François Dumoulin, Benoit Laganière, Eric Beaudoin, René Bourassa, Marc Brochu, Kevin Isabel, André Marchand, Bernard Pilon, Soot Rice, Damien Taylor, Ludovic Touyon.

Lp Dumoulin W Trophy
L.P. Dumoulin celebrates winning his second NASCAR Pinty’s Series championship. (Matthew Manor/NASCAR)