Grimsley Cabre Memphis 060719
Justin Grimsley (left), Jaden Grimsley (middle) and Chase Cabre right) celebrate in Victory Lane following the Memphis 150 at Memphis International Raceway. (Nigel Kinrade, NKP/NASCAR)

An Unforgettable Saturday in Memphis for Two Special Fans

A couple very special guests were on hand for Chase Cabre’s first career win Saturday in Memphis.

They were among the Rev Racing crew celebrating with high fives and hugs as soon as Cabre crossed the finish line. They were among the cheers and liquid spraying in Victory Lane as he emerged victorious. And they were there to give Cabre hugs as the adrenaline flowed.

They were also in Memphis three years ago, where Cabre first met them.

You couldn’t wipe the smile off the faces of Justin Grimsley, and his son Jaden. As they followed the No. 4 Rev Racing crew around from morning ’till night in their hats and shirts, it culminated in a trip to Victory Lane: the first for the Grimsley’s and Cabre.

"He seemed like a really down to earth kid," Grimsley said of his first meeting with Cabre in 2017 at Memphis. "He wanted to talk to us about things outside of racing. He’s a dirt guy and my kids like dirt. We kind of became friends through social media, started talking, hanging out at races, meeting up at Cup weekends when we were there. He brought us to Dover last year when he was there, met his dad and mom. They’re just a good family, man."

Justin and Jaden have attended each K&N Pro Series race at Memphis since then, cheering Cabre on. They try to make it out to at least one more race per year to catch up with their friend, who also just so happens to drive race cars for a living.

"It’s so cool. Justin is a really good friend of mine," Cabre said. "I met him here at the hospitality tent, became good friends, stayed connected through social media and texted back and forth. Just became really good friends."

The Grimsleys know that, which made this past Saturday so much sweeter. Being a stones throw away from home, this was a weekend they’d been looking forward to for a long, long time.

"This is the one in our backyard," he said. "We live 20 minutes down the road. So when he comes here, it’s all in for us. We’re all 4 the win. Ruben (Garcia Jr.) did say I was his good luck charm (last year), so now I may be Chases, hopefully. As long as we can keep these Rev Racing guys in Victory Lane, I’m good."

The younger Grimsley, who has been a race fan from a young age, was in awe all day long. And was sporting a pretty cool t-shirt of Cabre’s at the Tennessee short-track.

"It was amazing," he said with an infectious smile. "The racing was some of the best racing I’ve seen, and for Chase to win it’s awesome. It’s a very good feeling, but a stressful feeling when he’s racing too."

Following his win, Cabre was glowing about his biggest fans. He was going to make sure they were there by his side, whatever it took.

"I paid my own money for their pit passes to come in today," Cabre said. "Happy to have them with me, they’re big supporters of mine. In a series like this, you don’t get that very often."

Racing aside, the three have formed an unbreakable bond dating almost half a decade, and shows no signs of slowing down.

"If I can get my boys to be where he and his brother are at – the whole Cabre family – I’m happy we found them, they found us and we’re all friends now."

Cabre Car Memphis 060719
Chase Cabre’s No. 4 graced Victory Lane in the K&N Pro Series East for the first time in his career on Saturday. (Nigel Kinrade, NKP/NASCAR)