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Jason Hathaway celebrates win No.11 (Matthew Manor/ NASCAR)

Quick Look Back: Saint-Eustache Produces Non-Stop Action

In a race that was rich with both on-track and off-track action, the Lucas Oil 250 would prove to be one of the best storylines of the 2019 season.

When the checkered flag fell for one final time at Autodrome Saint-Eustache, it was Jason Hathaway scoring the emotional victory, just days after adding a new addition to the family. Stealing the win away from both Kevin Lacroix and Alex Labbe, Hathaway sits in good position to close out the season on a wave of momentum.

In the points battle, Kevin Lacroix would leave his home track with a 2-point gap in the standings. Lacroix is back atop the standings for the first time since Autodrome Chaudiere, and moves into the two final races at tracks he has shown dominance before.

For Ranger, Saint-Eustache went from a near disaster to a surprising podium finish. A two-point gap is still a challenging one in a series as evenly matched as Pintyโ€™s.

โ€œFor the first part of the race, the car was definitely loose,โ€ said Ranger. โ€œWe made a little change when we pitted and it helped the car. So we are happy with a third place finishโ€

The Pintyโ€™s Series now moves South of the border to NHMS for round 12, a track both Lacroix and Ranger love.

Alex Labbe Relishes Dominant Runย 

Since returning full-time to the NASCAR Pintyโ€™s Series in April, Alex Labbeโ€™s 2019 has been rough to say the least. Despite having five top five finishes this season, Labbe didnโ€™t feel like his pace was that of his championship year in 2017. Leading 123 laps at Autodrome Saint-Eustache, Labbe was the car to beat until after the halfway break.

โ€œItโ€™s been a rough year and we just canโ€™t close the deal,โ€ said Labbรฉ. โ€œI don’t know what happened there, if it was the second set of tires, or the shocks or something but we just lost a lot of speed.โ€

Labbe had been close to victory at both Vallee-Jonction and Saksatoon, but at Saint-Eustache he was truly in a league of his own.

โ€œIt’s been a long time since we’ve been dominant like that,โ€ Labbe added. โ€œI know weโ€™re going to seal the deal soon.โ€

Scott Steckly Returns to the Driverโ€™s Seat

At the beginning of last week, former series champion Scott Steckly didnโ€™t expect to be back behind the wheel of a race car. However, when Alex Tagliani was sidelined by a heart condition, Steckly made the jump into the driverโ€™s seat for the first time in four years.

โ€œIt was exciting, that’s for sure,โ€ said Steckly. โ€œWe did a lot of changes to the car to try to get it better. I was maybe a bit rusty, I did the best I could and the crew worked very hard.โ€

For Steckly, finishing 11thwas a great mark for the four-time Saint-Eustache winner, proving that he still has what it takes in the series.

โ€œIt was it was a good day nonetheless,โ€ Steckly added โ€œWe definitely wanted a better result but we worked on it and got the best result we could for Alex Tagliani, EpiPen and Rona.โ€

Mathieu Kingsbury Reflects on Debut and Pintyโ€™s Series Future

ACT Late Model Series driver Mathieu Kingsbury made his NASCAR debut this past weekend driving for Kevin Lacroix and Lacroix Tuning. The rookie showed excellent pace in practice and came home tenth after the checkered flag.

โ€œWe had a pretty good start and we stayed on the lead lap for a good portion of the race,โ€ said Kingsbury. โ€œI really love my team, Iโ€™m proud of everyone and a top 10 in my debut, I’m okay with that.โ€

Kingsbury is slated to run the final two races of the year and has very a good expectations for one of his favourite tracks, NHMS. Should these last two races go well, it is possible for Kingsbury to make the jump to part-time or full-time competition next season.

โ€œTop seven is the is the goal for us,โ€ Kingsbury added. โ€œJust stay out of trouble and that is our main key to progress in the Pintyโ€™s Series.โ€