Curtis Brothers
Chase (88) and Jaret Curtis (33) are currently first and second in the street stocks point standings at Monadnock Speedway. (Photo courtesy Jaret Curtis)

Chase and Jaret Curtis Having Twin Seasons Competing for Monadnock Speedway Street Stocks Championship

Chase and Jaret Curtis are having nearly identical seasons racing street stocks across the northeast this summer.

The duo are first and second in the street stock points standings at Monadnock Speedway, and both are in the top 10 in the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Racing Series Division II standings.

The twin seasons make sense for the brothers, who are also twins.

Curtis Brothers
Chase and Jaret Curtis have a combined four wins and 23 top-5 finishes this season. (Photo courtesy Jaret Curtis)

The Curtis brothers, from Rutland, Massachusetts, have raced at Monadnock – a NASCAR-sanctioned quarter-mile high-banked asphalt oval track in Winchester, New Hampshire – the most this season, choosing to race at their home track as much as possible to try for a track championship. Chase currently leads Jaret by four points in the track’s street stock standings.

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But racing across the northeast at other tracks including Lee USA Speedway, Hudson Speedway, and Claremont Motorsports Park has helped the brothers climb the national points standings as well. Chase is currently third in Division II with three wins and 13 top fives in 15 starts, and Jaret is fifth with two wins and 12 top fives in 13 starts. Jaret is coming off a win last weekend.

"We’re always around the same speed so we’re always running together," Jaret said. "Usually near the front."

The 16-year-olds started racing when they were 11 after going to races throughout their childhood.

The sport is a family one for the Curtises. Both their grandfathers, their dad, and uncles had cars. The brothers would go to Monadnock, about 45 minutes from their home, to watch their dad race street stocks when they were growing up.

"It’s kind of just been in the family," Jaret said. "We were going to the track before we were even born. We’ve been kind of just going to the track every year because we were watching our dad. He still races sometimes but just now it’s kind of just focusing on us."

"Every summer I just remember going to the races watching our dad," Chase said. "Now we’re fortunate to get the chance to race and we really enjoy it."

The family sport became a love for both brothers as they found their own success.

"I think it’s kind of just how much work and how much stuff has to go right to finish good," Jaret said. "When you get a top-3 you have a lot of joy."

The family goes to the track every week with both cars in a double trailer, and a big cheering section not far behind.

"It’s pretty fun for everybody, including everybody that comes to watch," Chase said. "We have a lot of our family that comes to watch a lot. A lot of my friends come. Everybody enjoys it."

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Curtis Brothers
Sixteen-year-olds Chase and Jaret Curtis have been racing since they were 11 years old after watching their dad race street stocks when they were growing up. (Photo courtesy Jaret Curtis)

Even though the brothers admit they’re competitive with each other, they also use their unique chance having a competitor in the same house as an opportunity to work with each other and help the other get better. If one brother finds something that works on his car they can give it to the other to use.

They also work together during races, doing little things like helping if one gets stuck on the outside.

That doesn’t mean they don’t try to best the other on the track, though.

"We’re pretty competitive. Actually last time out we were first and second and there was a restart at the end of the race," Chase said. "Jaret got me this time."

"It’s a lot of joking around usually. Everybody talks about racing a lot during the week. We look forward to it," Jaret said.

Having a close-knit group among the team also brings more chances for good weeks.

"It’s also good having us because if one person has a bad night the other person can still have a good night and it can still be a good week," Jaret said.

With the season shortened by the coronavirus pandemic, the brothers decided from the get-go to go for a points championship at Monadnock, but when they realized how well they were doing nationally they added a Division II championship and UNOH Youth Achievement Award to their season list of goals.

The youth achievement award recognizes the top drivers 17-and-under, regardless of division. Chase is second in the national standings and Jaret is fifth.

They’ll both be trying to run twice a week the rest of the season to help with NASCAR points.

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The brothers have no problem competing against one another for those prizes, either. It’s something they know will continue for the foreseeable future.

"Maybe when we start to do our things in life that might change but as of now we’ll probably be staying together," Jaret said.